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Applicant registration

Disclaimer: If you have ISBN allotted in past, kindly indicate the Email Id used to login to the ISBN System. Please note that if you use a new Email Id, digital linkage b/w the earlier set of ISBN given and new set of ISBN (that will now be allotted) will not be there.

  • Please confirm that the ISBN been taken from this website http://isbn.gov.in/ will be used for books, which are published by publishers based in India or in case of Individual Author/Editor or Institutional Author/Editor must be based in India in order to receive ISBNs from this agency.
  • You also indemnify RRRNA in case of breach of confirmation given in Para 1 above. The responsibility for breach if any will lies squarely on you.

Note : * Indicates Mandatory Field

Commercial Publishers are those who sell their books under their brand name and they have their PAN or Udyog Aadhaar Number in the name of Publishing Agency or PAN in the name of the Administrator of Publishing Agency.

Institutional Publishers are those who publish books under some statutory authority and accordingly they do not have a PAN or Udyog Aadhaar Number
Example: Publication Division of Government of India / Central/ States School board / NCERT /NBT/ Publications by Universities. Some proof of Identity of the Administrator will be required later in this application.

Individual authors who are based in India, who are self publishing their book from India, should select Individual author

Individual Publisher (other than author) is the individual who is not in the business of commercial publishing (i.e. he is not into commercial publishing) however he is publishing the author's book in his/her individual capacity.The PAN of the individual publisher will be used.

Institutional authors are those India based Institutions, who wish to publish their seminar, conference proceedings ,research publications or occassional books. The Organisational ID proof and ISBN request letter will be needed later in this application. Example:- Seminars,books published by corporate houses or NGOs of the applicant.

  •  Please confirm that your Institution is Headquartered in India and you will get the books printed in India
Single ISBN will be allotted in this category.