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1. Bhartiya Rashtriya sanskriti avam Chiti Pt Deen Dayal Upadhyay Vichar Parichay Pustak Kramak Ek  1201816450Hindi"978-81-936088-9-0"20-03-2018
2. PROBLEM SOLVING ABILITY IN MATHEMATICS  12018112150English"978-93-87452-09-1"19-03-2018
3. The Hindi Canon  12018 200500English"978-81-934015-9-0"19-03-2018
4. Human Rights and Value Education  Ist2018Ist136150Hindi"978-93-86713-47-6"19-03-2018
5. Voices of Komagata Maru   12018 192480English"978-81-934015-8-3"19-03-2018
6. Bura Na Maano Democrazy Hai  120181112100Hindi"978-93-87464-07-0"19-03-2018
7. Anlarh Umaran Talakh Sunehe  120181138150Punjabi"978-93-87629-33-2"19-03-2018
8. Punnian  12018188125Punjabi"978-93-87629-32-5"19-03-2018
10. JACK N JILL C  3000201822490English"978-93-87495-57-9"19-03-2018
11. JACK N JILL B  3000201822490English"978-93-87495-56-2"19-03-2018
12. JACK N JILL A  3000201822490English"978-93-87495-55-5"19-03-2018
13. New Perspectives of Indian Ethos in the Novels of Arun Joshi  120181300600English"978-93-87844-01-8"19-03-2018
14. IK AAS  120181120200Dogri"978-81-933685-6-5"19-03-2018
15. The Seven Laws of Teaching  120181142195English"978-93-87669-41-3"19-03-2018
16. Generic Recipes of Rural North Karnataka Population with Nutrient Values   NA20181st228595English"978-93-5270-491-0"19-03-2018
17. The Power of Awareness  120181128175English"978-93-87669-40-6"19-03-2018
18. Skills Science Sanskriti and Strategic Approach The Mantras for Effective Leadership in 21ST Century  1201814602000English"978-93-86724-65-6"19-03-2018
19. Cognitive Behavioural Process: A users ManualJini K GopinathThis book is on application of cognitive behavioural process for cognitive restructuring. This is based on the work of Dr. Aaron Beck. These principles can be used by mental health professionals for their patients.One2018One122250English978-93-5300-709-6 19-03-2018
20. The Game of Life and How to Play It  120181128175English"978-93-87669-39-0"19-03-2018
21. Tamiliyal Aiuvegal  120181168165Tamil"978-93-87499-27-0"19-03-2018
22. CONFERENCE PROCEEDINGS - IIDR THAJUDEEN ASSelected papers on METHODOLOGIES OF ARABIC LANGUAGE TEACHING from the three day National Conference conducted by Department of Arabic, University of Kerala on 5 - 7 February 2018First2018First300300Arabic978-93-5300-710-2 19-03-2018
23. ICEF-Compendium of Abstracts ASWINI KUMAR MISHRAThis book publishes selected abstracts going to be presented in the upcoming event ICEF 2018 in BITS Pilani K K Birla Goa Campus during 16 to 17 February 2018I20181st860English978-93-5300-707-2 19-03-2018
24. LEX ET SOCIETATIS Contemporary Legal Issues  One20181st640995English"978-93-87910-06-5"19-03-2018
25. MHI-10 Madhiyakaleen: Bharat main Nagrikarana-II  52018112000Hindi"978-93-87237-99-5"19-03-2018
26. MHI-10 Madhiyakaleen: Bharat main Nagrikarana-I Part -II  42018114000Hindi"978-93-87237-98-8"19-03-2018
27. MHI-10 Madhiyakaleen: Bharat main Nagrikarana-I Part -I  4201814400Hindi"978-93-87237-97-1"19-03-2018
28. MHI-10 Nagarie Itihas: Ek Parichiya  1201818000Hindi"978-93-87237-96-4"19-03-2018
29. Jugaadu  120181185199English"978-93-87328-59-4"19-03-2018
30. CONSTRUCTION MANAGEMENT AND ENTREPRENEURSHIP VI SEM BE  120181272220English"978-93-87308-90-9"19-03-2018
31. WATER SUPPLY AND TREATMENT ENGINEERING  120181336250English"978-93-87308-89-3"19-03-2018
32. PTEA Practice test Custom Maestro  NA201812081099English"978-93-5286-863-6"19-03-2018
33. PTEA practice test custom SCS   NA201812081099English"978-93-5286-862-9"19-03-2018
34. Master Key Vigyan 8  1201801254145Marathi"978-93-87514-69-0"19-03-2018
35. MAGIZH MITTHIRAR(KATHAMBAM)  12018196100Tamil"978-81-937203-5-6"19-03-2018
36. Master Key My English 8  1201801180150English"978-93-87514-68-3"19-03-2018
37. Master Key Ganit 8  1201801154105Marathi"978-93-87514-67-6"19-03-2018
38. Master Key Itihas 8  120180118090Marathi"978-93-87514-66-9"19-03-2018
39. Handbook on Direct Taxes Compendium for Users   120182018199881446English"978-93-87506-60-2"19-03-2018
40. Master Key Bhugol 8  120180112075Marathi"978-93-87514-65-2"19-03-2018
41. ANIL VISHWAS TE RAHUL DEV BARMAN  100020181ST216250Marathi"978-81-934694-7-7"19-03-2018
42. Master Key Vigyan 9  1201801286240Marathi"978-93-87514-64-5"19-03-2018
43. DALIT PURAN  12018410480Hindi"978-93-87431-61-4"19-03-2018
44. MAHARAJA PASENDI KE 16 SWAPAN  1201814840Hindi"978-93-87431-60-7"19-03-2018
45. Master Key My English Book 9  1201801196120English"978-93-87514-63-8"19-03-2018
46. Manual for Higher Secondary Mathematics kit  12018First128100English"978-93-5292-015-0"19-03-2018
47. Master Key Ganit 2 Bhumiti 9  1201801240210Marathi"978-93-87514-62-1"19-03-2018
48. Tourism in Mountain Region  Single2018 2781100English"978-93-86682-33-8"19-03-2018
49. Master Key Ganit 1 Bijganit 9  1201801240240Marathi"978-93-87514-61-4"19-03-2018
50. Indo-Nepalese: Socio Cultural Dimension  Single2018 2981150English"978-93-86682-32-1"19-03-2018