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1. The Anti Fraud and Anti Corruption PolicyS R Govt Polytechnic College SagarThis Anti Fraud and Anti Corruption Policy book reflects the policy and procedures relating to fraud and corruption The policies and procedures outlined in this document are based Government of India and Government of Madhya Pradesh Rules and Regulations regarding Financial Regulations Code of Conduct for Civil Services Resource Management Accountability Right to Information Policy Records Retention Policy and Anti Corruption and Anti Fraud rules and regulations 12017First11200English978-93-5268-593-6 25-05-2017
2. COMPUTER JNANASUNILKUMAR B Nthis book will verey helpful for competitive exams regarding computer knowledge12017 116120Kannada978-93-5268-622-3 25-05-2017
3. Weaving dreams into reality inspiring womenDr Gagandeep Kaur GulatiThe book is about successful and inspiring women who have achieved glory in the chosen field120171205550English978-93-5268-601-8 25-05-2017
4. Indian Electronic IndustryPrajapati Hareshkumar Ishwarlalthis is my ph.d thesis chapter book12017First5250English978-93-5268-606-3 25-05-2017
5. ANATOMY PRACTICAL RECORD FOR BSC NURSINGSubhadradeviThis practical manual covers the entire range of topics in SYSTEM WISE within the prescribed syllabus. Every attempt was made to encourage students for practicing diagrams. 120171130175English978-93-5268-617-9 25-05-2017
6. Chawlas Election Law and PracticeBAHRI BROTHERSCovers Laws related to Elections in India coverage include both Statutory Laws Case Laws Practices The Author has written this book since its 4th Edition1201710th16422195English978-93-5268-592-9 25-05-2017
7. Narrative Technique in Salman Rushdies Midnights Children and ShameShikha DuttaNarrative Technique in Salman Rushdies literature Midnights Children and Shame012017First84200English978-93-5268-590-5 25-05-2017
8. Intermediate Zoology Second YearJanagaom SwapnaThis book has been prepared with an idea that on completion of the course, the student can opt for any field related to the Biological Sciences in higher studies.First2017First146150English978-93-5268-619-3 25-05-2017
9. Love in times of terrorAditi MukherjeeThis is a fast paced romantic thriller in the backdrop of a critical and turbulent period of the post-independence history of India that axed the peaceful co-existence of Hindus and Muslims and set the political stage for the next two decades. One2017 300299English978-93-5268-614-8 25-05-2017
11. The Nawabs and Kings of Awadh and their Coinage Mohit KapoorA book covering a brief history of the land of Awadh, its Nawabs and Kings and also cataloguing the coins issued by the Nawabs and Kings of Awadh from the various places governed by them. The book also cover the medallions and also a few seals used by the Nawabs and Kings of Awadh1201711502500English978-93-5268-404-5 25-05-2017
12. ABHINAVA MOUKTIKA SHATAKAMSatish Kumar KapoorSanskrit shlokas composed of moral valuesOne2017Second 2014120108Sanskrit978-93-5268-607-0 25-05-2017
13. A Comprehensive Guide to ECommerceVenkatesh KrishnamurthyThis book contains structure, competition, financial details of ecommerce120171150299English978-93-5268-599-8 25-05-2017
14. NCTPSCD NOV 12 2016Dr Amit GuptaIt contains all the accepted and presented papers of the authors held on 12 November 2016 under the title of of National Conference on Technical Perspectives on Smart City Development(NCTPSCD-NOV-12 2016)I2017I8500English978-93-5268-609-4 25-05-2017
15. Tongue Diagnosis in Chinese MedicineShripad ChodankarTongue Diagnosis in Chinese MedicineNone2017Second3104500English978-93-5268-638-4 25-05-2017
16. AcupunctureShripad ChodankarInformative Book on Acupuncture TherapyNone2017First4675English978-93-5268-594-3 25-05-2017
17. AMROHA KE GOURAVBHUVNESH KUMARSOCIAL12017FIRST664800Hindi978-93-5268-578-3 25-05-2017
18. NAZR E SIR SYED 2017  120171st250100Urdu"978-93-86312-14-3"24-05-2017
19. THEMBHAVANI  320171624425Tamil"978-81-934104-3-1"24-05-2017
20. THEMBHAVANI  220171456275Tamil"978-81-934104-2-4"24-05-2017
21. Rescue Your Mom  12017114999English"978-93-86407-54-2"24-05-2017
22. Rescue Your Mom  120171149249English"978-93-86407-53-5"24-05-2017
23. THEMBHAVANI  120171552300Tamil"978-81-934104-1-7"24-05-2017
24. NEW PATTERN CHEMISTRY FOR NEET  NA2017I EDITION 2017464660English"978-93-86306-95-1"24-05-2017
25. SSC Combined Graduate Level Tier I Exam Guide  1st20171st 2018536395English"978-93-86298-82-9"24-05-2017
26. ICSE Complete Course In Hindi for Class IX X  Single20172017343299Hindi"978-93-86299-63-5"24-05-2017
27. KENDRIYA BANKING  12017 142295Gujarati"978-81-933907-1-9"24-05-2017
28. ONE ENDURING LESSON  120171281295English"978-81-291-4774-5"24-05-2017
29. WALK THE TALK  120171495340English"978-81-291-4773-8"24-05-2017
30. THE ELEPHANT CHASER S DAUGHTER  120171288395English"978-81-291-4772-1"24-05-2017
31. Multimedia and Animation  I2017First220170English"978-93-86353-96-2"24-05-2017
32. THE GANDHI EXPERIMENT  120171176195English"978-81-291-4771-4"24-05-2017
33. Database System  I2017First11085English"978-93-86353-95-5"24-05-2017
34. Web Page Designing  I2017First220185English"978-93-86353-94-8"24-05-2017
35. Fact and Beyonds  4th20172017216299English"978-93-86206-28-2"24-05-2017
36. Numbers Tracing 1 to 50 and Counting Puzzles without apps  12017First16750English"978-81-934072-2-6"24-05-2017
37. Chatpati Delhi  1st20172017160299English"978-93-86206-27-5"24-05-2017
38. Globetrotting for Love  1st20172017136299English"978-93-86206-26-8"24-05-2017
39. Telibiya Pakoni Vaigyanik Kheti  First2017120070Gujarati"978-81-934018-2-8"24-05-2017
40. Tinkle Double Digest No 169  16920171176120English"978-93-86458-33-9"24-05-2017
41. Touching Lives for SAIL  1st20172017124299English"978-93-86206-25-1"24-05-2017
42. I DID IT EXCEPTIONAL STORIES  1st20172017108599English"978-93-86206-24-4"24-05-2017
43. Global Geo Strategic Security Scan  12017190450English"978-93-86457-26-4"24-05-2017
44. Production Management  12017First Edition196850English"978-93-5273-315-6"24-05-2017
45. Stri Shakti  120171st148125Hindi"978-93-5264-099-7"24-05-2017
46. ULKOCHI  1201712085Kannada"978-93-86381-97-2"24-05-2017
47. Leading Judgments on Constitutional Law  120171st540380English"978-93-86456-16-8"24-05-2017
48. DOOR KE PAANCHI  120171st172175Hindi"978-93-5264-098-0"24-05-2017
49. RECENT INNOVATIONS IN GREENER NANOTECHNOLOGY  Volume 12017First Edition450400English"978-81-933882-6-6"24-05-2017
50. HANSTE MUSKURAATE PRASANNTA SE JIYEN  120171st106100Hindi"978-93-5264-097-3"24-05-2017