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1. Behaviour Therapy Techniques Research and Applications  First2017First EPUB Edition282895English"978-93-5280-321-7"25-07-2017
2. Interrogating Development State Displacement and Popular Resistance in North East India  First2017First EPUB Edition175550English"978-93-5280-320-0"25-07-2017
3. AESOP KADAIGAL  1201713275Tamil"978-93-86505-13-2"25-07-2017
4. Coping with Life Stress The Indian Experience  First2017First EPUB Edition287525English"978-93-5280-319-4"25-07-2017
5. AESOP FABLES STORIES  1201713275English"978-93-86505-12-5"25-07-2017
6. Communism and Nationalism in Colonial India 1939 45   122017First EPUB Edition283850English"978-93-5280-318-7"25-07-2017
7. Reforming Indian Agriculture Towards Employment Generation and Poverty Reduction Essays in Honour of G K Chadha  First2017First EPUB Edition588975English"978-93-5280-317-0"25-07-2017
8. Kottavi Raja and his Sleepy Kingdom Odia  NA2017First 20172035Odia"978-93-86721-41-9"25-07-2017
9. Entrepreneurial Management   First2017First EPUB Edition344695English"978-93-5280-316-3"25-07-2017
10. Surveying  120171300180English"978-93-86590-20-6"25-07-2017
11. Value Education 8  First2017First130250English"978-93-5274-139-7"25-07-2017
12. Value Education 7  First2017First125250English"978-93-5274-138-0"25-07-2017
13. Value Education 6  First2017First120250English"978-93-5274-137-3"25-07-2017
14. Value Education 5  First2017First114225English"978-93-5274-136-6"25-07-2017
15. Indian Financial System Ebook  12017101012650English"978-93-5260-766-2"25-07-2017
16. Indian Financial System  12017101012650English"978-93-5260-765-5"25-07-2017
17. Kottavi Raja and his Sleepy Kingdom Marathi  NA2017First 20172035Marathi"978-93-86721-40-2"25-07-2017
18. Kottavi Raja and his Sleepy Kingdom Kannada  NA2017First 20172035Kannada"978-93-86721-39-6"25-07-2017
19. Kottavi Raja and his Sleepy Kingdom Hindi  NA2017First 20172035Hindi"978-93-86721-38-9"25-07-2017
20. Kottavi Raja and his Sleepy Kingdom English  NA2017First 20172035English"978-93-86721-37-2"25-07-2017
21. Pedagogy of Computer Science Part 1  120171230180Tamil"978-93-86547-26-2"25-07-2017
22. GENERAL STUDIES PAPER III FOR CIVIL SERVICES EXAM  120172017404425English"978-93-86860-28-6"25-07-2017
23. Value Education 4  First2017First95225English"978-93-5274-135-9"25-07-2017
24. Value Education 3  First2017First95225English"978-93-5274-134-2"25-07-2017
25. Value Education 2  First2017First84225English"978-93-5274-133-5"25-07-2017
26. ARTY AND CRAFTY SQUASH 8  12017166325English"978-93-86513-59-5"25-07-2017
27. ARTY AND CRAFTY SQUASH 7  12017156310English"978-93-86513-58-8"25-07-2017
28. ARTY AND CRAFTY SQUASH 6  12017148300English"978-93-86513-57-1"25-07-2017
29. Value Education 1  First2017First76225English"978-93-5274-132-8"25-07-2017
30. Environmental Studies 5  First2017First200250English"978-93-5274-131-1"25-07-2017
31. Environmental Studies 4  First2017First176250English"978-93-5274-130-4"25-07-2017
32. SSC STENOGRAPHER GRADE C AND D  120172017356345English"978-93-86860-27-9"25-07-2017
33. Environmental Studies 3  First2017First176250English"978-93-5274-129-8"25-07-2017
34. Environmental Studies 2  First2017First136225English"978-93-5274-128-1"25-07-2017
35. Microbiology exam papers for BSc Nursing studentsT Jaya ChandraThis book contains Microbiology exam papers with answers for BSc Nursing students120171140185English978-93-5279-365-5 25-07-2017
36. Environmental Studies 1  First2017First120225English"978-93-5274-127-4"25-07-2017
37. LATEST POLITICAL MAP OF HARYANA  120171150English"978-93-86587-17-6"25-07-2017
38. Creativity Parna Jagtna Shresth Pustakomathi Shu Shikhva Male Chhe  1201719699Gujarati"978-93-86343-34-5"25-07-2017
39. POLLUTION CONTROL ACTS RULES AND NOTIFICATIONSVASUKI K This book is a complete updated amended version of environmental Acts, Rules and Notification 17 Nos out of 17 of than 15 items Acts Rules were translated in Tamil and easy understanding. ONE2017FIRST EDITION13601800English978-93-5279-428-7 25-07-2017
40. Lex Medicinus An X Ray on Medical Law  1 Vol20171st ed 2017418995English"978-81-933989-0-6"25-07-2017
41. Pocket Medicine Pharma  120176296300English"978-93-86691-14-9"25-07-2017
43. Ahimsa Truth Love An AnthologyGeeta Radhakrishna MenonThis is a book of poems on the subject of Ahimsa, Truth and Love. The book contains 40 poems.120171st Edition110300English978-93-5268-949-1 25-07-2017
44. Gender School and Society  120171176160Kannada"978-81-933692-6-5"25-07-2017
45. Feminism in the Novels of Nayantara SahgalSaurabh MishraThe book is the analysis of the various novels of Nayantara Sahgal. It deals with her feminist point of view in her novels.First2017First114500English978-93-5279-418-8 25-07-2017
46. Darpan Sva Olakhni ChaviKAVITA A TRIVEDIThe Meaning of Self Concept. Indian Concept Regarding Self, New Concept of Self, Devlopment of Self Concept, Relation Between Self and Personality.120171st6575Gujarati978-93-5279-476-8 25-07-2017
47. MACRO ECONOMICS I  No20173rd198170Hindi"978-93-5211-460-3"25-07-2017
48. NAASHDIYA CHARITRAM 11 15 SARGSTH SAMASTH PADH EK ADYAYAN  First2017First70200Sanskrit"978-93-86785-07-7"25-07-2017
49. UNDERSTANDING DYNAMICS OF BUSINESS MANAGEMENT and IT  First2017First152250English"978-93-86785-06-0"25-07-2017
50. The role of integrated child development services in physical development of preschool children of moradabad district of uttar pradesh  First2017First175225English"978-93-86785-05-3"25-07-2017